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Meadow Valley Properties and TRAX Developments Ltd.

A history of the development, by Ian Ralston.

Meadow Valley is encompassed by four parcels of property initially owned by Ian Ralston (myself). Once the decision to develop was made, these properties were transferred to TRAX Developments Ltd., of which I am the principal.

I had originally purchased land on Thetis in 1984, and and have lived here full time since 1991 at the end of Klahowya Road, on what will become lot 20 (Rosemary). After some thought and much asking around I settled on Meadow Creek for the name of the intermittent stream that flows through the properties, and Meadow Valley for the land. The name was inspired by the grass and reed meadow of Apple Marsh, and by the plans for a meadow near the planned lakes.

We submitted plans for approval in November 1998 after a long planning process, and finally obtained PLA (preliminary layout approval) in November 1999. This PLA meat we could go ahead with the project, and also allowed us to accept presales. In the meantime we collected various other approvals, including our water license for the secondary water system and our Ministry of Environment permit for the sewage disposal system.

In the latter part of 2001 we finally moved to completion of phase I after many delays due to the overwhelming government beaurocracy in this area. Part of this completion is the registration of a phasing plan for the strata which "locks in" the approvals for future phases and promises to make these phases straightforward from a paperwork point of view.

Why did I decide to to develop?
I knew that the land would be developed eventually, as I knew I could not afford to keep it permanently due to the current (and feared future) tax burden. I also watched the increasing burden of regulation making any kind of inspired or interesting development increasingly difficult. I thus decided that, as I wish to continue living on Thetis, I would try to do it myself in a way that was consistent with the land (the Greenquest concept), and that I could live with in the future without shame. I hope to provide a variety of Lots to encourage new people to find a place on Thetis and add to its community. I hope to realize from the project these outcomes and some profit in return for my work.

Why "TRAX"?
The name TRAX was chosen for my company to relate to our private charitable foundation TRAX Program Support Foundation which exists to fund and undertake projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Why the logo?
Meadow Valley properties logo, as .gif image.
We tried to come up with something simple that covered key areas of Meadow Valley, and the swordfern is very much representative of the valley.

This website.

We hope that this site will be useful to people trying to familiarize themselves with Thetis Island and our development. Rather than just make the site one big advertisement, we have tried to present useful and relevant information and links in addition to information specifically about our properties. We feel that this is the philosophy that underlies the quality of the net.

Generally, the site is organized as a pyramid of increasing depth of detail, starting with the home page as an overview, then to the "Properties" and "Thetis" pages which serve as key pages, leading in turn to further detail pages on aspects of our project and the island. Supplemental pages give information about our company and external web links.

This web site was developed to be as accessible as possible. Again, this was a philosophical as well as a practical choice. That is why you will not find large graphic interface navigation bars, unnecessary images, frames, whole pages that are tables, background colors or patterns/images, and the text probably looks rather dull since we avoided the use of most font, alignment, cascading style sheets, and other formatting systems.

We have tried to separate any sections that would not be fully accessible onto their own pages in order to reduce frustration, there are three key pages of larger/higher quality images - the "photographs" page, the "Detail Plans" page and the "Detail Maps" page.. Due to the site's nature some images and photographs are required, again, we have tried to make these as accessible as possible using only optimized 256 color images and standard formats. This does, however, mean that some images may not view perfectly in Netscape navigator.

All main pages should open fully in under one minute on a 28.8 modem, the detail plan, detail map and photograph page images will be slower. This consideration of download time means some of the images have rather poorer quality than we might have wished - but we have tried to keep them large enough so you can see something. Because we haven't used tables to place our images the text will be readable while the images download, so the time need not be wasted. Better images have

If you are looking at the page and see large blank spaces or blurred images just scroll down and keep reading, the images will load. You have not reached the bottom of the page until you see the navigation text, which looks similar on all pages. We suggest using the Katiesoft four pane browser (see our links page for free download location), which allows you to read and view one page while another downloads and also allows you to keep four pages open for ready cross reference, to improve browsing the web on a slow connection.

You may notice some duplication, this is because we cannot assume that people will read every page! If you are reading a paragraph that seems familiar, please scan on to what you are looking for - we have not duplicated any large sections, and even the duplicated sentence or paragraph may have additional information on what is intended to be a more detailed page.

For further information and for suggestions about any problems you may be experiencing with our site or images, please see our "Contact" page.

Any suggestions or thoughts on the site, please let us know. E mail

We know that privacy is important, and you can be assured that if you contact us we will not pass your information on to others.


We will always be adding to our website, if you don't find what you need, just e-mail us.


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Meadow Valley Properties, quality planned real estate by Trax Developments Ltd., Box 9-6, Thetis Island, B.C., V0R 2Y0, Canada.

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