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Meadow Valley properties is a high quality 206 Acre planned bare land strata real estate development on tranquil Thetis Island,
visit our "properties" page for more information on our acreages / lots for sale.

Waterfront view from our properties down Cufra Inlet.
Links from Meadow Valley Properties.

On this page you will find list of links ( directory ) to various web resources relevant to our development, to Thetis Island, to the Southern Gulf Islands, to the Pacific Northwest Cascadia region (including British Columbia, Vancouver, Washington State, Seattle, The San Juan Islands), to Vancouver Island, with recreation links and some software and miscellaneous links. Also you will find travel information on how to get to and from Thetis by road or air. We will always be building on this page, so please bookmark this page and check back often. Generally we try to put links to interesting lesser known sites and do not include the large directories and their subdirectories (e.g.. Yahoo).

Most offsite links are set to spawn a new window so that you will have it for reference. If you are checking a number of links, they should come up sequentially in your second browser window, if not, check your browser settings and enable reuse of the window. We have done this for those using a single window browser so that you will still have this list or other pages of our site to refer to, and this seemed a better method than using frames. If you are using a multi pane browser, just drag the links to a new pane or tab.

We also have a page specializing in recreation in the southern gulf islands, vancouver island san juans area, our "outdoor recreation" page, which has a directory of recreation links.

Note that sites may change their content without us knowing. We do not guarantee the accuracy of information on these sites, nor do we necessarily endorse their positions on issues. Let us know if we are missing something!

For information on our property and to view lots for sale in our unique 206 acre bare land strata on Thetis Island, please see our "Properties" page.



Victoria Weather.
Intellicast Weather.
Current : forecasts.
Satellite Images, Environment Canada.
Radar composite for Pacific stations. Click on image to get local stations.
Coastal BC Marine Forecast:
Pacific Northwest Tides and Currents-xtide display-choose a tide station.

Surface Water Hydrology Links
WMO hydrology Home Page - Geneva Switzerland
global runoff data
Wetlist -- Hydrology
Hydro links from university of Arizona.

The University of Michigan Weather Underground


Mapping and maps.

Links to dynamic map browsers--temporarily down.
Calle map viewer, cgi script zoomable maps allowing you to start on a map series centered on any town in Canada, also provides weather links etc. for that location. Thetis Island calle map..
Mapblast commercial mapviewer that you can use for free. It has zoomable maps. Not very accurate, slow, and not as good as the above, but you can save your own preferences . Only for more up to date browsers:

The best online Thetis map is on our "Thetis" page or "detail maps " page.
Terrain of the Pacific Northwest is the page at Washington State University with map images of the Pacific Northwest.

Also see Google's new satellite image page which has high resolution images of Thetis and the surrounding area. This link opens in a new window, requires Active X enabled in Internet Explorer, works in Mozilla 1.7.

Microsoft terraserver. Source for searchable imagery collection.
Some of NASA 's pictures and other images.
Sources of satellite imagery

NOS mapfinder, for charts and oceanic maps, U.S.
Nautical Data International, Inc. source of Canadian charts.
GIS Resources
GIS Net Sites and GIS Software Companies
USGS Earth Science Information Center Home Page
National Atlas of Canada Online - English
Cartographic records, BC Archives scanned historical maps
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Home Page
Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
GeoGratis - Home Page
LandData BC Home Page Digital Maps Land Information and Data
The Aboriginal Mapping Network, interesting links to GIS data for BC, source of the land claims map on our "Detail maps" page.
GIS data for San Juan County

SPRING, GIS software.



Cascadia Times
Cascadia...toward regional sustainability, a tourism initiative.
Cascadia A Great Green Land on the Northeast Pacific Rim, an article on Cascadia.
See area links, below.
Cascadia Planet--bioregional webzine for Cascadia.
Republic of Cascadia - perhaps a little extreme, but definitely amusing, including info on the metric time system!


Local area.

These links are arranged according to the layout of our "southern Gulf Islands" page, which provides a useful introduction to the area, you may wish to use this link to open the page in a new window for reference.


Accommodation on Thetis

Overbury Farm Resort, a waterfront resort offering cabin and house rentals in a beautiful, quiet setting. Also caters weddings etc. and hosts retreats.

Swordfern Cottage, a vacation rental cabin on Meadow Valley Properties with access to all of our facilities and located near the waterfront area with a view over the lake, sunny southern exposure.


Transport, Road/Rail/Ferry.

To get to Thetis from Vancouver and the lower mainland, choose the most convenient of the three ferry routes to Vancouver Island, then make your way to Chemainus (just off Highway One between Duncan and Nanaimo) for the Thetis ferry. From Seattle to Vancouver Island there is Washington State Ferries from Anacortes to Sidney; and the Coho from Port Angeles to Victoria. The Victoria Clipper links Seattle and Victoria with a passenger only high speed ferry.
Ministry Road Reports vancouver island
Washington State Ferries.
From Port Angeles.
Victoria Express (Clipper) Info:
Via Rail operates passenger service from Victoria north through Nanaimo, with a station at Chemainus. This is a very pretty 1 hour ride to Chemainus from Victoria, but the schedule is rather limited.
Buses stop at Chemainus on the Nanaimo—Victoria route.
B.C. Ferries schedules, Southern Gulf Islands.
B.C. Ferries schedules, Thetis Island.
Cowichan Valley transportation services
Island Coach Lines
BC Transit website.

The Coastal Council, a stakeholders grounp representing ferry users up and down the coast and providing advice to BC Ferries and Government. Includes links to reports and other information.


Transport, Air.

Nearby hubs are Vancouver and Victoria and Nanaimo. Vancouver is probably most convenient if you want to connect with a flight to Thetis. Twice daily flights from Thetis Telegraph Harbor (at Thetis Island Marina) to Vancouver, airport or downtown. Various companies offer this route. Harbor Air normally flies from downtown, the others mainly from the airport. Here are some companies:
Harbor Air. 604-688-1277 or 1-800-665-0212,
Seair Services Ltd. (now includes the old Thetis Air) (604) 273-8900 Fax: (604) 273-7351 or 1-800-447-3247.
Amigo (250)-537-8891 or 1-877 MY AMIGO (1-877-692-6440),
Kenmore Air
Pacific Spirit Air 1-800-665-2359

Nanaimo Airport.



Also see Local area, above.
See our "outdoor recreation" page for an introduction to recreation opportunities and a directory of annotated links to useful sites.


Strata Property Act, this link is to the new act which came into affect July 1st 2000.


Island Trust, local and B.C. Government.

The Islands Trust website, Thetis O.C.P. and Land Use Bylaw are available on this site for download as Adobe .pdf files. December 2001 finds this site to be suitable only for IE5.0 plus browsers with active x controls and java enabled and frames capability, unfortuanately--after what was, doubtless, an expensive (to us taxpayers) redesign.
B.C. Government portal site:
B.C. Government Publications:
British Columbia -- Municipal Information, with links to all online municipalities etc.
CVRD WebPage The CVRD is the local regional district governing Thetis.
Index for statistics Cowichan Valley and Region

Information on TIRRA (The Thetis Island Residents and Ratepayers Association), refer to our "Community Trail " page and to The Thetis Island community website.

The Coastal Council, a stakeholders grounp representing ferry users up and down the coast and providing advice to BC Ferries and Government. Includes links to reports and other information.

Conservation covenants, land trusts and stewardship.

Please refer to our "Conservation Covenants" page for some useful links in these areas.


Earth Building-- links to useful sites for cob style earth construction.

Building in Cob. Pise and Stabilized Earth currently unavailable at present (Dec 2001). The book is available from Note also good earth construction books from IT publications (UK).
Cast Earth Home Page
Cob Cottage Company
DeaTech Research, Inc. Local Natural Building Links
Earthen and Cob Houses
Thoughts on Adobe Codes
The Natural Builder Cob code
Austin's greenbuilder program.
University of Washington soils lab.
Earthships--tire formed earth structures.

Website design and maintenance, hosting

Trax Developments Ltd. ( provides wesite design and maintenance, concentrating on simple, clean sites that display well on all platforms and address accessibility issues effectively. We also provide search engine positioning services, database driven sites and site optimization. We designed and maintain this site.

We also can provide web hosting services as a reseller.

Software, Image and Graphics.

IrfanView is a fast, reliable, free image viewer and basic image manipulator for 32 bit Windows. Will open many files, including all those on this site.

The GIMP is a very good graphics image manipulation program, free and open source, developed for Linux/Unix. "GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring."GTk+ and GIMP for Windows

The GIMP for windows, has a few problems under win98, but worth a look.Download.

The Cadviewer website, the site for the java applet viewer used on our "vector viewer" page.
Whip and Post.dwf file generating software. Converts .dwg to .dwf.


Software, Browsers and Web.

I have been using the Copernic metasearch engine, in its adware form which is less than perfect but seems better than web ferret. It does not include Northern light, which is a shame as this is about the best search engine for many subjects. I have found myself using this much less now that Google has become so good, especially using Google's toolbar.

I also find the Google toolbar very useful, particularly it's highlighting and site search features. Google is the best general search engine.

The best web browser I have found at present is Broadpage, this is available as ad supported or for a small fee. It is based on IE but has many well implemented and useful features, way better than Opera (which is not as fast as they make out) and better than Netcaptor.

Tabsurf (note that this is a download site as the tabsurf/netability site seems to be presently unavailable) is a multipage browser. This means that you can read one page while others download or have four pages open for reference. Also great for following up on searches. It requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher to be on your system (not running) to work since it uses the IE engine. It seems bug free under win98. Makes a huge difference when browsing on a slow connection. It handles 30 open pages on tabs, like some text editors handle files. It works fine, although the new version is a bit slower. Now has become adware to some extent. Netcaptor is a tabbed browser that is more like Internet Explorer, which comes in a free with very small advert or paid version I used to prefer the Katiesoft interface until that browser turned into an excuse for an advertisement.

A very interesting new browser is under development at, Amaya is an editor with browser for truly integrated editing and browsing. Version 5.2 windows port is now out. This is a stand alone program. Developed for Linux/Unix. It is free and open source. For various operating systems including windows.

Mozilla is an open source browser which builds on Netscape source code. It is a good browser, and by using it and reporting problems you are supporting the open source development. Kmeleon is a lightweight browser that uses the Mozilla engine.

Lynx port for windows or DOS. The text browser that you may be used to is ported quite successfully to Windows.

I suggest that you not try 1st choice browse 2000. It is shareware with a nasty payment trick, masquerading as freeware.

the latest version of Opera browser is now available as ad supported ware as well as paid. This gives a chance to try it out. It is much smaller than the mainstream browsers and thus faster. The new version now supports Java properly (if you download the right version) but still has some glitches. It is supposed to be more secure.

Many other browsers are not much more useful than appearance skins for Internet Explorer. IE and Netscape are available freely from their respective websites.

For more browser links try the evolt browser archive.

Download Acceleratorseems the best of the adware download managers for Windows. Traceroute, Lookup, Ping, HTTP Headers, and WHOIS Tools

Webmaster Resources, now, Very useful website for sitebuilders and for general information.

Really Big - group of webdevelopment sites.

Tera Term Pro terminal emulator, website. Also has plug in for SSH.

You might consider using a different email program rather than Outlook Express if you use windows for email, there is Eudora and Pegasus and also various smaller cleints available. Outlook Express is very heavy on resources and has numerous security problems.

A decent antivrus and firewall software is essential. There are many to choose from, and it is hard to reccomend since the system you have is the critical factor. I would, however, suggest avoiding all Norton products since they seem to have the worst reputation for conflicts and very poor uninstall programs--I have seen them do more damage to systems than that caused by many viruses. Whatever you use, ensure that you update it frequently!


Software, Other.

Collection of mostly freeware, tudogs.
Similar, but bovine, tucows.

Simtel.Net Worldwide Shareware and Freeware Software Distribution Network
File Library at Channel 1 Utility
ZDNet Software Library Now part of cnet (like so much else)
webattack freeware Excellent site.
Dave Central

Go here to start looking for fractal image and L-System software: Fractint home.

Go here to start looking for information and software for Python--a programming language that is relatively easy to learn and yet powerful in use, includes links to the Grail webbrowser. Python Language Website.

XEmacs The next generation of Emacs
Vim, an improved version of Vi text editor.
Programmers file editor nice small text editor, saves to UNIX line endings if you ask it to.
Note Tab Light useful text editor. Covers about all one needs for a text editor and is very easy to use. Free.
Arachnophila text and HTML editor, very good. Also a useful time utility.
Perl Code Editor nice editor with color highlighting, free.
Stones web writer is a web authoring tool similar to HotDog pro or Home Site, but freeware--quite good. Another similar freeware program is First Page 2000 from Evrsoft.

Linux Links - The Linux Portal Site
LinuxStart - Linux Links
FirstLinux - the Linux meta-site
Linux Software Encyclopedia
Linux Online - Linux Software Map

If you need a well integrated , quality office suite you could look at Star Officefrom Sun. It is good, free, and has cross-platform implementation. Large download (65 MB+) or a small charge for a CD. This is a good alternative to MS Office or Corel. It has a built in browser, Sun also gives away their HotJava Browser.

Some useful utilities from Moonsoftware.


Computing, Miscellaneous.

Search engines for the internet:
Northern Light, particularly useful for more academic searches.
Google, fresh and large index. They also offer a toolbar that you can install on your browser to give in site search and many other features. Definetely the best for relevance on general searches.

Note that Look Smart (who provide content to many other services) now charges people to get their pages indexed, which will decrease freshness and quality and GoTo (and some others) charges people to have their pages come at the top of listings. Altavista has also really fallen behind.

Sharky Extreme
Technofile by Al Fasoldt

Webhosting company: This is our hosting company and we are satisfied with their service.


Wireless Internet-WAP/WML

Interested in what to do with that web enabled cell phone? Wireless Application Protocol sites are expanding fast. Most are now being written in Wireless Markup Language. You can use various emulators to look at these sites free from your normal internet connection.

WAP resources has good WAP links to get started.
Tag Tag has a WAP directory.

We have a simple WAP site up now, as well as one at a couple of hosts like tag tag. Try this in your emulator.

Real Estate

Our brochure site, gives brief overview of the project: Thetis Island real estate . com

We are involved in developing a link directory for gulf island real estate and related services. If you have a real estate site please add it to the directory there.
The site also contains information on the area and real estate advice.

Below are some useful real estate sites, including some with which we have exchanged reciprocal links., the largest international realestate link directory. We are in there.
Liane Read Real Estate Site, this is a longstanding site which is aiming at providing information about Southern Gulf Islands Real Estate rather than just being an advert for the Realtor. They have a brief profile of our project on their site.

BC Homes for sale by owners. A site on which we advertise.
Real Estate Cyberspace Society
Vandema Real Estate Resources
The RuralEstate Network Valentine, Nebraska and Albany, Auckland, New Zealand
Rural Space
Realty online.
REALS - A Comprehensive Real Estate Directory
John Coates P.Eng. MBA Broker at Hawkins Real Estate Ltd in Fredricton NB.
Rural Property Bulletin.
Beautiful BC Homes - Homes for sale by owner and for rent in BC



Local B.C. search engine. - Search BC Seems more accurate than search bc.
Diy search, interesting directory with alternative and small business/crafts content.
Links to WWW Directories
Searchengine watch major search engines page.
Yahoo! Canada
Web underground metasearch engine. Be careful!


Overbury Farm Resort, a 14 acre waterfront estate on Thetis offering self catering lodging.



We are happy to offer reciprocal links to quality websites that have content in areas relevant to our site.

Please let us know if you are interested in this, e mail


We will always be building on this page, so please check back often. If you want to suggest a link or comment on our links, please e mail us. Please report any dead links to

For information on our property and to view lots for sale in our unique 206 acre bare land strata on Thetis Island, please see our "Properties" page.

Realtors wishing to contact us about our lots and realestate should first refer to the "Realtor Contact" page.

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Please contact us for more information on our properties and on Thetis Island.
Email us at or call 250-246-4774

Meadow Valley Properties, quality planned real estate by Trax Developments Ltd., Box 9-6, Thetis Island, B.C., V0R 2Y0, Canada.

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