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The Community Trail through Meadow Valley Properties.

This page provides details on the community trail park equivalent donated by us to the Thetis Island Residents and Ratepayers Association (TIRRA) by us as part of our development. There are also details on TIRRA.

Meadow Valley Properties is a carefully planned strata. A strata plan divides land or land and buildings into private residential lots and (private to the strata owners) common property. It is being implemented in three phases, phase one currently being available for sale, phase two available for presale. The community trail areas pass through the common property of the strata. We donated these parcels instead of making park dedication.

For details about our properties, please see our "Properties" page or go to our home page.


Trail details.

The main trail connects Kenwood Drive to the extension of Mission Road - the existing route most heavily used by permission or trespass at present. There is also a small area near the end of Cufra Inlet to protect and extend the existing road allowance access. The community Trail follows the general route of the old Lawrence Trail, one of the first roads on Thetis Island.

The trail provides over half a mile of walking through undisturbed forest, and the potential of a longer circuit from Mission Road to Kenwood and back via North Cove Road. After discussions with the Islands Trust and the open houses and the public information meeting, we offered to provide this trail to a community organization as a trail. This was as a fee-simple trail "lot" in order to address concerns about off Island users and about Crown Land . A normal development in the R-2 zone on Thetis would not require park dedication, and past developments on the island (including a strata development and several small lot developments) were not required to and did not provided park dedication.

The main trail is fairly flat and makes an easy walk, it is, however, unimproved and can be muddy. The area by Cufra Inlet is not easily accessible and has no trail component. Note that the trail area is quite narrow and there is no right of access onto the Meadow Valley Properties strata common property or private strata roads and trails, also that parts of the existing old forest access road do not follow the trail or the Mission Road extension, straying at points onto neighboring properties. Walkers accessing neighboring properties should obtain permission from the respective landowners.

The trail lots have been covenanted to prevent unnecessary disturbance of vegetation and to restrict use to a walking trail only--that is, no camping, vehicular use etc.

The trail lots also have registered easements in favor of the strata to permit strata owners access across the trail lots.


Map of Thetis Island showing the location of the main trail. See below map for further details.
If this image has not loaded please scroll down and read on. For a detailed version of this map please see our "Detail maps" page. (This link will open a new window with the page at this map, it may take a while to load).


The trail in the context of Meadow Valley Properties strata

The main trail passes through the Meadow Valley Properties strata common property western conservation covenanted area. This (private) area is about 14 Acres and includes the head of "Lawrence Marsh"; the upper stretches of an ephemeral creek (Holy Brook) and its surrounding riparian area and the head of "Adam's Marsh" and its surrounding riparian area plus a considerable buffer area. This means that the trail will always pass through the existing natural environment, with no danger of future disruption, allowing the trail to have the appearance of passing through a natural park without the negative implications of a Crown Land or Public park that many Islanders have expressed concerns about, and without anyone having to manage such a park.

For information on conservation covenants and our use of them at Meadow Valley, please see our Conservation Covenants. page.

Plan of Meadow Valley Properties showing the layout of the two community trail park areas (hatched in red) and the conservation covenant areas. Please scroll down for more information. For a more detailed plan see our "Detail plans" page (this link will open a new window with the page at a larger version of this image--it may take a while to load).Community park trail and conservation covenant areas.


Vegetation communities along the trail.

The below plan shows details of the vegetation communities found in this area: Community Trail shown in red.


Map of trail

Follow this link to obtain a map of the trail as a PDF document. This link will open in a new window. If your connection is slow we suggest you download the PDF file (302 KB) for viewing and reuse. If using Internet Explorer or similar right click on the link and choose "save target as". The file will print on standard letter sized paper.

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing (follow the link to download free 5.0 version of reader complete with accesibility options).

Please send us any comments on the map and what we could add or improve.

Thetis Island Residents and Ratepayers Association (TIRRA)

TIRRA is an organization (nonprofit society) registered under the Societies Act which exists to represent the interests of and improve the welfare of residents and landowners on Thetis Island. It's affairs are managed by an executive elected by the membership who act at the direction of the membership as expressed at the annual and other general meetings of the membership.

Membership is open to any resident of the island or any owner or part owner of real estate on the island. Purchasers in the Strata may become a member at their choice, this is not required (Note that the trail lots have registered easements in favor of the strata to permit strata owners access across the trail lots). Membership fees are presently set at $10 per annum. Present membership is around 200 individuals. Each member has a vote.

TIRRA provides a garbage service to the island, this service is available on payment of an annual fee (presently set at $75 per annum for a resident household) to members or non members.

TIRRA will own the community trail which is a fee simple lot passing through/alongside the Strata. The maintenance of and responsibility for this trail will be entirely TIRRA's responsibility. The trail will be available for use by members of TIRRA and guests.

Full details of the organization may be obtained from its president, John Stadt (Thetis Island, BC V0R 2Y0), Tel. 250-246-3141.

Further Information.

At present the trail is not marked with signs, but does have cedar stakes along most of it's length, plus the standard survey markers. If you are a member of TIRRA and need help on locating the trail, please contact us.


Contact us

Please contact us for more information on our properties and on Thetis Island.
E-mail us at or call 250-246-4774

Meadow Valley Properties, quality planned real estate by Trax Developments Ltd., Box 9-6, Thetis Island, B.C., V0R 2Y0, Canada.

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