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Meadow Valley - Community values

This page seeks to clarify some of the more important values accruing to the benefit of the Thetis Island community and/or the environment which result from our commitment to a quality, landscape based (Greenquest), strata title development. These benefits would not accrue from a traditional fee simple subdivision plan.

For specific information on the community trail please see our "Community Trail" page.

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Public Access.

Over half a mile of walking trail through undisturbed forest. After discussions with the Islands Trust and the open houses and the public information meeting, we offered to provide this trail to a community organization as a trail. This was as a fee-simple trail "lot" in order to address concerns about off Island users and about Crown Land . A normal development in the R-2 zone on Thetis would not require park dedication, and past developments on the island (including a strata development and several small lot developments) were not required to and did not provided park dedication

This trail connects Kenwood Drive to the extension of Mission Road - the existing route most heavily used by permission or trespass at present (a fee-simple subdivision plan would have provided roughly the same distance along a 50 km/hr public road between Kenwood and Klahowya- a route not presently used. A fee-simple plan would not have provided any park or equivalent dedication.). There is also a small area near the end of Cufra Inlet to protect and extend the existing road allowance access.

In addition to the Trail corridor itself we Covenanted an area of about 14 acres ( 5 acres more than the maximum that could have been asked for as park dedication), as below. This, in addition to the important conservation contribution, provides an assurance that the trail will always pass through the existing natural environment, with no danger of future disruption. This allows the trail to have the appearance of passing through a natural park without the negative implications of a Crown Land or Public park that many Islanders have expressed concerns about, and without anyone having to manage such a park.

Considering this we feel that it should be clear that the "value", both to the community and for protection of the environment, of the proposed Trail is greater than that of a 10 acre park.

Covenant Areas/ Environmental Impact.

Beyond mandated covenants there are/will be three areas protected against removal or disturbance of vegetation, totaling about 22 acres ( more than twice what could be asked for as Park dedication), with 15 of these being a strip around the proposed walking trail. Other areas in the strata, both on lots and on common property will be subject to varying levels of restriction in order to reduce impact and provide buffers. Please see our "Conservation Covenants" page for details.

Lot and common property layout take into account landforms and resource areas in order to use the land to its best potential and to reduce impact.

Plan showing the layout of the two community trail park areas (hatched in red) and the conservation covenant areas. Please scroll down for more information.Community park trail and conservation covenant areas.

Recreation Provisions.

Strata owners will have about 75 acres of common property with trails, lakes, a meadow and a dock for rowboats, kayaks, etc. This means that they will not have to use other resident's land for recreation, drive to the boat ramp to go canoeing and so on. This reduces impact on the Island in several ways.

House siting is defined in many cases, also reducing impact.


By using planned well siting and by supplying surface water for irrigation there will be very little impact on groundwater and wells will not become contaminated.

Ponds and the enhancement of freshwater resources:
The lakes and ponds provide freshwater habitat and address the communities wish to encourage ponds and water resource enhancement.

Sewage disposal.

By providing a properly designed and implemented communal sewage system to Ministry of Environment standards our strata residents can be sure that they are not contaminating the environment or wells. Continuing monitoring will ensure continuing quality. This is in contrast to all existing disposal systems on private lots on the Island.


By using small private, dead end roads environmental impact is reduced and the plan addresses islander's concern to discourage through roads and to reduce road impact ( as expressed at meetings and in the O.C.P.).

Roads are probably the worst long term impact associated with conventional subdivision.


Part of the development will be served by underground Hydro, reducing visual impact and allowing vegetation re-growth.

Fire Suppression.

The ponds include the provision for water supply to the Fire Department, which will be for the benefit of the whole island as well as the strata. The strata model and road layout allows for good planning for forest fire control, and also allows us to give the Fire Department emergency access from Pilkey Point Road to Kenwood, which would not be possible in a fee-simple plan. (In addition to Fire Department emergency access from Kenwood to Klahowya).


If you are a member of the Thetis Island community or own land on the island and would like to discuss our development and plans, please contact us by e-mail or telephone and we would be happy to talk with you.

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