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Planned real estate on tranquil Thetis Island, in the southern gulf islands of British Columbia, Canada, easily accessible to Vancouver Island, Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle.

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real estate for sale, image of cufra inlet from bare land strata common property waterfront view.
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This page will give you an overview of the Meadow Valley, our real estate, the strata common property and details of the lots available for pre sale in phase one. For larger/more detailed plan images, see our "Detail Plans" page; for details on our land based environmentally sensitive planning process, see our "Greenquest" page; for details of the common property and facilities, see our "Strata Overview" page. For general orientation and overview of our website, see our "Home" page. Our "Thetis" page leads to information on the island and area.


An environmentally planned Strata Development

MVP is environmentally planned to our "Greenquest" objectives:

Our land use plan addresses this Greenquest philosophy. It provides properties of distinction with significant infrastructure in a beautiful setting, we know that these properties will meet the priorities of those seeking a place on Thetis.

This plan is outlined on this page and you can visit our "Greenquest" page for more details.

MVP is a "bare land strata" development:

The strata and common property facilities are outlined on this page and you can visit our "Strata" page for more details.

Value-servicing, the hidden cost of an unserviced lot and value of our greenquest.

Our acreages are serviced.
By comparison, an ordinary fee simple lot would, in addition to lot price, require:

See below for servicing and common facilities details.

Our properties have not been logged and then developed.
Many developments in the Vancouver Island area offer for sale lots that have been subdivided from land that has been recently logged. This means you buy a lot with few useable trees, an impoverished ecosystem and often with a mess of logging slash to clean up. At Meadow Valley Properties we have not done this, this means you are purchasing a lot of significantly higher value--both in direct financial terms and in environmental/aesthetic terms.

Coupled with the other shared facilities and common property our real estate represents exceptional value for money, and being the initial purchaser of a lot not only improves value for money but gives you an opportunity to be involved in the definition of covenants, house siting and other aspects of your new lot.

See our "Pricing" page for details of our pricing policy and comparative realestate pricing.

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The properties, overall description.

Often, it seems that people move to a rural area for the natural beauty, tranquility and space, but find that the style of traditional development destroys that which they sought.

In most traditional development the parent properties are broken up with geometric proportions that defy natural values and often leave lots with much unuseable area, sometimes with a small public park area. By contrast, at Meadow Valley Properties we have planned according to the land, designing the lot layout and setting aside common property in concert with natural values.

Those purchasing will congratulate themselves on their investment in this development which preserves and enhances those amenities of tranquility space and nature that attracted them to Thetis Island.

Our plan is based on optimizing a host of residential values:
Views, sunshine, natural beauty, access to waterfront, tranquility, a rural lifestyle, gardening, outdoor recreation - both land and water based, family life, cottage/cabin retreats, retirement and, by inference, the privacy necessary to enjoy these benefits.

The Overview Plan below shows our vision of the whole property with the 20 lots, the common property areas are shaded for easy reference. For a selection of more detailed plans please see our plans page. Below the plan (scroll down or use the navigation map) you will find a section on the details of Phase I, the site and common property and facilities.

Overview Plan of Meadow Valley.
For a larger version of this image follow this link, for a PDF version (better for printing). Opens in a new window..
Plan showing our real estate, all lots, and strata common property. Please read on, below, if you are waiting for this to load.

Thumbnail of birds eye view drawing, as .jpg.
To see a drawing representing an artists impression of what a birds eye view of the project will look like when finished, please follow this link which will open the drawing (large) in a new window for easy reference.
If you don't want to use a new window, follow this link.

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Follow links to individual property pages with photographic images (may still be under construction!) or see our "Photographic Images" page for a collection of large/better quality photographic images of Meadow Valley.

When you need more information or for a tour of the development, please contact us.

For a plan showing the whole strata with phase one lots and common property shown (in color), this link will take you to that drawing in our "Detail Plans" pages, which have a selection of more detailed plans.

Phase two

View of Cufra Inlet from Meadow Valley Properties, jpg.Acreages available in this phase are gathered at tranquil Cufra Inlet. All Lots will have sewer and irrigation water servicing, wells drilled and underground Hydro/telephone to the property line. House sites will be cleared and driveways roughed in. Private access roads enhance privacy and security. A careful Land use Plan ensures that Properties are laid out with regard to topography, using elevation changes as well as distance to separate Home sites from one another. A Building Scheme guarantees the future quality of the Strata and assures you of your view and environment.

Sizes range from two to six acres. All properties have good solar exposure, and have views which vary from pastoral to grand. Three of the Lots have very good sites for large gardens and two are semi-waterfront. All are zoned R-2, for house and cabin..

Phase II Properties:

Double Fir
This property, named for the unique double Douglas Fir tree near to the house site, has a beautiful view looking down tranquil Cufra Inlet, and is separated from the water only by a narrow strip of common property. This property has a good building site, but any cabin site would have to be approved by a geotechnical engineer.
Area approximately two and a half acres. Price - RESERVED

This property, has both house and cabin sites with a perfect view down tranquil Cufra Inlet and separated from the water only by a narrow strip of common property.
Area approximately three acres. Price - $375,000

Plan showing Cufra in Phase II
Plan of Cufra

Situated on a bench with views down Cufra Inlet from its secluded house site Somerset is also very close to the waterfront.
Area approximately three and half acres. Pre-sale price - SOLD

Lake view
Looking over the Meadow Valley, and with distant views down Cufra Inlet this property has two benches with ample garden space.
Area approximately three acres. Pre-sale price - SOLD

Maple Gardens
With views over the meadow Valley and more distant vistas maple gardens is a beautiful open site with exceptional location for a large garden on a bench with very good solar exposure and soils. A huge maple stands behind the garden area.
Area approximately four and a half acres. SOLD

Alder gardens
With views over the meadow Valley and more distant vistas from its secluded house site on a bluff Alder gardens is named for its Alder bottom which provides a very good site for large garden and also provides for the possibility of a pond.
Approximately five and a half acres. Pre-sale price - SOLD

Distant hills
Separated by a steep hill from the other properties, distant hills provides a spectacular Vista of Vancouver Island and the ocean.
Approximately two Acres. SOLD

Pricing Policy

Plan of common property


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The Site and location

See our "Greenquest" page for an explanation of our planning process and full site description.

Small image of Meadow Valley Properties outline on Thetis Island, Gulf Islands, BC. as .jpg. Please read on while waiting for this to load.The Meadow Valley is at the center of Thetis Island, stretching from near to Pilkey Point Road on the south about a mile to Cufra Inlet at the North. See our "Thetis" page for details and maps showing the location more clearly.

Thetis Island (for details see our "Thetis Island" page) is situated centrally in the Pacific Northwest Coastal region, the region termed "Cascadia", Thetis has the characteristics of that bioregion, a climate with a mediterranean combination of mild winters and warm, dry summers support a unique ecosystem and provide an ideal environment for gardening and outdoor recreation. Thetis Island is in the rain shadow of Vancouver Island, having an average annual rainfall of 850 mm (33 inches)- far dryer than Vancouver or Seattle. This climate is common to the Southern Gulf Islands, and the Saanich peninsula/Victoria (B.C.) area, supporting the unique arbutus/Garry Oak ecosystem as well as endearing the area to gardeners and those escaping the wetter climes of Vancouver and Seattle. As a small island, Thetis has proportionally more waterfront/foreshore ecosystem and more moderating effect from the ocean. In terms of settlement pressures, Thetis is relatively undiscovered and undeveloped, with an atmosphere of rural seclusion and tranquility, yet enjoys good connectivity to major centers.

Our 206 acre site extends the length of this valley and forms a large part of it's watershed, providing an integrated management unit for our strata.

The main feature of the property is the Meadow valley which extends south from Cufra Inlet. A large marsh (Apple Marsh), small fen (Willow Fen), and a seasonal stream (Meadow Creek) flowing from Willow Fen at the south through Apple Marsh to Cufra Inlet at the north occupy the valley. The property forms a large part of the watershed of the Meadow Creek.

From a narrow bench above Cufra Inlet, the land rises sharply east up to Pilkey Point Road. To the west and southwest of Apple Marsh, the land rises more gradually up to two low hills. South and southwest of Willow Fen the ground rises to the southern edge of the property where it falls abruptly away over bluffs, the base of which define the boundary. From the top of the bluffs one looks over an agricultural valley and salt marsh toward Vancouver Island in the west. Sandstone bluffs associated with steep slopes provide opportunities for views in several areas of the site. Cedar groves surround a creek drainage and marsh along the west boundary of the property.

The majority of the site is heavily wooded with Douglas Fir, mixed with Balsam Fir, Red Alder, Broadleaf Maple, and Red Cedar in low areas, and with Arbutus on upper slopes. Since the late 1800's the property has been selectively logged, the last time for the majority being about 70 years ago. Several large specimen Douglas firs and maples are found on the property. Open grass fields are situated northwest of the marsh and near the southeast property boundary, in an area which was formerly used for sheep farming.

In the proposed strata subdivision, lots are configured according to the landscape suitability. Smaller lots are gathered in the north and south areas of the property, and the central portion is retained for larger lots and common property. Wetlands, vegetation features, and the inlet shoreline are excluded from residential lots, and lot boundaries, therefore, conform more to natural features boundaries. Lot boundaries were defined in the field so that they would fit the land.

See "Common Property", below, for a description of access to the site.

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Common Property

One of the advantages of purchasing in a carefully planned strata development is that beyond your over private property you also benefit from shared land and services which would not otherwise be economically feasible, either to own or to maintain. This sharing also tends to build a sense of community among strata owners.

Approximately 72 acres, or 35% of the property will be retained as common greenspace.

View of the Meadow Valley. These areas serve a number of functions, including the preservation of wildlife habitat and corridors, the development of a trail network, the protection of special vegetation features, the retention of fresh water bodies and the ocean shoreline as common areas, the creation of open spaces for recreation and gardens, the maintenance of woodlots for the use of residents, the designation of utility and service access corridors, and the buffering of adjacent properties and roads. Large lots in the centre of the property protect extensive natural areas in a similar way that the common areas do, and easements across some properties will permit lane and trail access and utilities to cross private land, for the benefit of all residents and the reduction of impact. The common areas serve to enhance the use, enjoyment, and preservation of the property for all 20 lot owners. Recreational opportunities abound, be it , hiking, running, bird watching, rowing, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, swimming, fishing, or, at the other end of a 30 min. ferry ride, on vancouver island, golf.

For details of common facilities and a more detailed plan image of the common areas see the "Strata" page and the "Greenquest" page.

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Overview of main Common Facilities and servicing:

Plan showing common property for all phases, shaded.
For details and a more detailed plan image of the common areas please see the "strata overview" page and "Greenquest" page.
MVP bare land strata Common property in all phases. Green and white.

Sewage disposal system

Meadow Valley features a common sewage disposal system, using a low maintenance treatment plant and in ground disposal, ensures that the development is not polluting the environment or its own water supplies. Sewage disposal is often a problem (and VERY expensive) for purchasers of unserviced lots on the Gulf Islands, and this system is also intended to remove this area of concern. Even purchase of a lot with an existing house or cabin is no guarantee that you will not need to get a new septic permit if the existing system breaks down or if you want to do any building or renovation, you will then be exposed to the expense, disruption and uncertainty associated with a new septic system. On other Thetis lots (both those with a field and those without) you will need a double size system if you want a house and cabin, this can be expensive, difficult to achieve and have a large impact on the lot.

Our common sewage disposal system not only saves you money and reduces pollution, it also means peace of mind for lot purchasers, and for lot owners in case of future changes in regulation. You can be comfortable and secure in your investment knowing that you can build at any time you choose with no difficulties over sewage disposal.


After consultation with a Hydrogeologist a number of high production wells were drilled and tested for the Strata. Each lot has it's own drilled well. Previous plans to share wells had to be dropped due to changes in regulations.

In these dry areas it is important to conserve groundwater and to enhance surface water reserves, which is part of the reason why we have built the Meadow Valley lakes and have provided a secondary water system for outdoor uses to the properties. It also points to the value of good water supply on a lot, which we can provide due to the water system (which provides water for irrigation etc) and the fact that we have had our wells tested and modelled for production by a hydrogeologist.

If you buy acreage in a development where this careful planning did not take place you stand the danger of future water table depletion or saltwater intrusion making your well unuseable. Few lots provide the opportunity for a large supply of irrigation water.

Lakes and secondary water system

A pair of Lakes, constructed in the Meadow Valley under a water licence, not only provide an amenity and valuable wildlife habitat, but also hold water to supply the secondary water system which takes water to each lot for irrigation and other outdoor uses and for fire suppression. This means that Strata residents can be confident that watering their gardens is not impacting groundwater reserves, an important factor in the dry Thetis Island summers. Two phase one acreages are semi lakefront.

Hydro and telephone

In order to protect the views and amenities for the strata in general, and for phase II lots, phase two lots will be serviced by underground Hydro and telephone. To reduce impact, part of phase III will also be serviced underground.

Trails and reserve areas

The common property itself extends over approximately 72 Acres of forest, lake and meadow, with about 5 Kilometers of walking trails. Linking well with the Island's road network, and private (to the strata) and public footpaths this property provides you with your own private park, valuable now but of inestimable value in the future - when most remaining tracts of this sort on the Island will probably be broken up.

The location of our development and the connections to other parts of the island allow Meadow Valley residents excellent hiking with loop walks and jogging routes unavailable to other Thetis residents.


About 300 meters of oceanfront on tidal Cufra Inlet is part of the common property. Although tidal, Cufra inlet, with its secluded tranquil beauty, provides a very good base for one wishing to explore the protected waters of the Southern Gulf Islands in a small boat or kayak; it's shallower clear clean waters, certified clean for oyster and clam production, also provide warm swimming in the summer. A floating dock suitable for small boats and swimming will be provided as part of the first part of phase two of the development. A meadow area shelving softly to the Inlet provides an area to picnic, or just to sit in the peace of nature. The access lane is now complete.

Fire suppression

Fire suppression is of great importance on the dry Gulf Islands. Our fire and emergency provisions planning is more advanced than any current or past development on the Gulf Islands.


The Meadow Valley Properties are accessed by three private strata roads, linked for resident's use by a lane through the center of the property. This allows access to Klahowya Road and Kenwood Drive. Two footpaths serve the property; the community trail, owned by the local ratepayer's association, which links Kenwood with Mission Road, providing access to the School, community center and ferry and an easement footpath to Pilkey Point Road.

All internal roads and lanes are private.

Comparative cost of servicing

For details of the comparative cost of developing and servicing a bare lot see our "pricing and comparisons"page.

For details and a more detailed plan image of the common areas please see the "strata overview" page and "Greenquest" page.

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Pricing policy

Considering our servicing package and common facilities, we are offering the best value acreages in the southern Gulf or San Juan Islands. This value is enhanced by our discounted pre completion sales prices. We are confident that you will not find similar properties with similar servicing and with access to similar common facilities at a lower price on any Southern Gulf Island or in the San Juan Islands.

For details and comparative pricing, see our "pricing and comparisons" page.

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This description of properties and common facilities is only intended as a guide, and purchasers will be given a disclosure statement prior to purchase, which has a clear, legal, description of the development, common property, facilities, etc.

To print images it may be best to copy them to one of your image programs, printing from your browser may result in unwanted page breaks.

Realtors wishing to contact us about our real estate are encouraged to view our "Realtor Contact" page.

We will frequently update and enhance our website, so check back often. We are happy to respond promptly to any specific question, just e-mail us.


Contact us

Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a tour of the properties.
E-mail, or call Ian Ralston at 250-246-4774
TRAX Developments Ltd., Box 9-6, Thetis Island, BC, V0R 2Y0, Canada.

We will frequently update and enhance our website, so check back often. We are happy to respond promptly to any specific question, just e-mail us,

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