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Larger plan image showing common property.

For those with faster Internet connections and larger screens, or if you just want a more detailed view, this page has this image of the Meadow Valley Properties plan drawing at 1100 by 1860 pixel size (scroll down) . It also has an introduction to the vector format viewer at the bottom of the page which lets you view the drawings in a zoomable format.

To print this image it may be best to copy it to one of your image programs as printing from your browser may result in unwanted page breaks. If your browser does not display the image well, try saving it and view it with an image viewer.

For details about our properties, please see our "Properties" page. For details of the common property and common facilities, please see our "Strata Overview" page.

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Meadow Valley Properties, showing all lots, with metric contours, with all lots in all phases shaded, with the Common Property not shaded - thus showing the common property areas.
.gif showing common property with contours.

To Strata Overview page, common facilities. Follow this bookmark link back if you came here from the smaller version of this image on that page, or if you wish to read about our common property facilities.

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Vector format plan viewer

The "Vector Viewer" page contains a Java based viewer for vector format files. The advantage of vector graphics in this context is that one can zoom in and out with no loss of detail or clarity. You can us this viewer to take a closer look at the plan drawings of Meadow Valley.

This viewer will take a while to load, and your browser may ask you for permission to load the applet. If your browser is not Java enabled you will not be able to use this viewer, you can contact us and we will attempt to send you images as you require or you can use a Java enabled browser such as I.E. 5, Netscape 4.7 or the Sun Hot Java 3.0 Browser. Please see our links page for links to various browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer 6 and you have not yet downloaded the Java plug in, now is a good time to do so as many web resources require Java.

Once the viewer has loaded you should see the default drawing, cont.dwf, which shows the most up to date plans of the development with contours. Phase lines and CP notations show the phases and the common property areas. The viewer opens in a new window, so you can minimize or resize that window to view instructions on the planviewer page and to view other parts of our site, perhaps this page (just use you back button--not in the applet window, however).

You can navigate around the drawing by zooming and panning, using the toolbar at the top of the drawing window and following the instructions at the bottom of the window. Try to avoid using the large blue arrow, otherwise you will end up at the website of the software designer. The help button gives more information.

Use the file folder icon on the applet toolbar to open other drawings. The drawings are described in the below table. If your browser is not tables capable, then it is probably not Java enabled either.

cont.dwf Shows all lots with contours and phase lines (CP=Common Property).
eascov.dwf Shows main plan defined covenant and easement areas for Phase I.


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Meadow Valley Properties, quality planned real estate by Trax Developments Ltd., Box 9-6, Thetis Island, B.C., V0R 2Y0, Canada.

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