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Larger photograph images.

We have tried to keep large images to a minimum on the site, but for those who would like a closer look at the small photographs on the site and some other photographs of Meadow Valley we have built this page.

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Photographs of Cufra Inlet, as seen from the common property.
Similar views are to be seen from the house sites on lots "Double Fir", "Cufra" and "Somerset".

Meadow area in common property at Cufra Inlet.

View of the intertidal foreshore below the common property.

Panorama of the Meadow Valley, at lakes, January 2001.

Images of the Meadow Valley lakes, January 2001

Photographs of the Meadow Valley pond and meadow location, before Lakes were built and meadow improved.
Meadow  valley, pond location.

Meadow area

View through trees to lake from Ravenswing. (Winter)

View of trees accross lake from Ravenswing (Winter)

View to southwest from cabin site on Ravenswing. (Winter)

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Photographs of view from "Distant Hills" house site.
view from distant hills towards ladysmith.

view of water towards Ladysmith

View towards Chemainus on a snowy day
These images are www 256 color optimised, hence the blotches. Taken in the winter.

A couple of overlays of Meadow Valley Properties on the satellite image

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Meadow Valley Properties, quality planned real estate by Trax Developments Ltd., Box 9-6, Thetis Island, B.C., V0R 2Y0, Canada.

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