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Meadow Valley Properties -Strata overview.

This page will supply you with information on the concept of a bare land strata plan, on the choice of the strata model and on the specifics of Meadow Valley Properties. It will also provide more detailed information on the common facilities you will enjoy as an owner in Meadow Valley.

Meadow Valley Properties is a carefully planned strata. It is being implemented in three phases, phase one now complete and offered for sale and phase two currently being available for presale. The planning process is described in a page on the "Greenquest". Layouts and plans are available as .GIF images on our properties page and on our "Detail Plans" page, and can be viewed with a JavaScript driven drawing viewer from our detail plans page. Navigate to these pages following the links at the top or bottom of this page, and return here with your back button or by linking back via the navigation text.

For information on our property and to view our lots for sale please see our "Properties" page.

What is a Strata Plan?

A strata plan divides land or land and buildings into lots and common property and is regulated by the new Strata Property Act (see our "Links" page for link to an electronic version). Meadow Valley Properties is a "bare land strata" plan, which is a strata plan on which the boundaries of the lots are defined by survey markers and not by reference to walls, etc., in other words, it is a division of land rather than of a building or buildings as would be the case in a condominium.

A "strata lot" is a lot shown on a strata plan, and is owned privately by a registered owner or owners. The terms "strata lot" and "lot" are used interchangeably on this website.

"Common property" is the land shown on the plan that is not comprised in a strata lot. This land is held in common by the strata and each owner has a "unit entitlement" which indicates the share of the owner in the common property. In a bare land strata the unit entitlement is often equal for each lot, this is the case with Meadow Valley Properties.

"Common facility" is a facility that is available for the use of all the owners.

Below, we examine what this will mean to you at Meadow Valley Properties.


Why a Strata?

There are many advantages to this form of land development, in our page on "Greenquest" we explain why we made his choice. Below we give some reasons why you might choose the strata option.

We all desire a feeling of privacy and independence on our property and the purchase of a fee simple lot appears to hold out and offer of this privacy and independence. However, a well-designed Strata development can offer as much or more privacy as a fee simple development. True it is not necessary to cooperate with others to maintain facilities when living on a fee simple development, but then there are no facilities! A Strata, on the other hand, offers many advantages.

Strata developments often have private access roads which greatly enhance privacy and security and allow greater flexibility in planning and implementation of access, thus reducing road impact.

Private lot-economical shared facilities
Within this plan the purchaser has complete private ownership of the strata Lot - essentially the same as a fee simple lot. At the same time the purchaser benefits from the enjoyment of shared private ownership of a large area (in this case about 75 acres) of land for recreational, privacy buffer and other uses, and shares common, otherwise expensive, unattainable or high - impact, facilities.

For a small monthly fee the purchaser obtains many valuable facilities and services which would either be more expensive or, in some cases, impossible otherwise. The individual lot owner also does not have to be concerned about the impact of these facilities, for example a large clearing for a septic field, on their own private lot.

Environmentally sensitive planning and design
Within the context of current development restrictions the strata plan offers us the best opportunity to utilize a land use plan based on the land (the Greenquest). Meadow Valley Properties' choice of the strata model has allowed us the freedom to plan based on the land (Greenquest), your choice of the strata model and our developments supports environmentally appropriate development. This type of planning would not have been possible using a fee-simple style of development.

Common ownership of the common property leads to a sense of community within the strata and gives the opportunity to work together with others strata owners to enhance or add Strata facilities (for example, a tennis court).

In the case of Meadow Valley Properties some of the advantages of and facilities on the common property are set out below the plan showing the common property areas.


Plan showing Meadow Valley Properties, with strata lots shaded (magenta) to show layout of the common property. For a larger version of this image, with contours, this link will take you to this plan on our "Detail Plans" pages (open in a new window). A link below the image on that page will bring you back here.
Plan image, showing layout of common property in meadow Valley Properties, as .gif. Please read on, below, if you are waiting for this image to load.


What common facilities will you share as part of Meadow Valley?

Beyond the pleasure of common ownership of about 72 acres of land above and beyond your own lot, the sense of community of the strata and the privacy afforded by this form of development, here are some specific facilities, advantages and resources that you will benefit from as part of Meadow Valley.



Sewage treatment.

Sewage treatment is by common system, in which effluent is collected by pipe from each lot and treated centrally using a secondary treatment plant to produce high-quality effluent which is to be disposed of via a septic field. This system and disposal system was designed under stringent Ministry of Environment guidelines. You can be assured of not producing groundwater pollution or other contamination. This is in contrast to the normal Ministry of Health guidelines for private septic systems.

This system, the first of its kind to be used in a development on Thetis Island, is very simple and designed to be a highly reliable and keep maintenance costs low. Sewage disposal is often a problem for purchasers of unserviced lots on the Gulf Islands, and this system is also intended to remove this area of concern for purchasers.

Index of Common Facilities.

Wells and water supply.

Domestic water is be available to all residences from drilled wells for each lot. Wells have been tested and have been subject to a hydrogeological investigation. All wells are minimum 1000 feet from any septic field (contrast to the normal 100 foot separation).

Although these wells provide ample groundwater supplies for residents of the Strata, in our concern not to adversely affect groundwater table levels and to conserve the use of groundwater for domestic purposes we will provide a secondary water system for irrigation, fire suppression and other outdoor uses (see below).

Index of Common Facilities.

Underground Hydro.

In order to protect the views and amenities for phase 1 lots, and for the strata in general, phase two lots will be serviced by underground Hydro and telephone. Underground hydro will also be used for part of phase III.

Index of Common Facilities.

Roads and trails.

The strata and the strata lots are accessed by private access roads, designed to keep road impact as low as possible within regulations, whilst still providing fire safety and Lot access. Dead end road design has been used to prevent use by circulating traffic. The use of private roads not only increases privacy but also security for Lot owners.

A central service lane joins Kenwood trail and Southern Edge trail (southern Edge Trail itself will be completed in phase three--temporary access lane accesses Klahowya Road until then), allowing lot owners to access both ends of the development and also allowing them to choose which end they wish to exit from. In addition this lane provides for fire and emergency access. To ensure privacy the service lane will have a lockable gate.

The 75 acres of common property has many trails, some of which have been/will be improved to provide over five Kilometers of walking trails. These trails allow owners access for recreation and to enjoy the natural beauty of the common property. These trails link to the footpaths to further extend the possibilities for recreation.

Two footpaths serve the property; the community trail, owned by the local ratepayer's association (donated to them by us as part of the development--see the "Community Trail" page for details), which links Kenwood with Mission Road (to the south of the southwest corner of the property), providing access to the School, community center and ferry and an easement footpath to Pilkey Point Road from phase two, this footpath is for the private use of Strata owners. Subject to negotiations we may also enjoy an easement footpath (private to the Strata) to Pilkey Point Road from the Southern Edge Trail, allowing easy and convenient foot access to Telegraph Harbour, the ferry, etc..

Index of Common Facilities.

Lakes and secondary water system.

For the amenity and biodiversity value of open freshwater, and to provide irrigation water for lots owners (thus reducing groundwater impact) and to provide water for fire suppression, a system of five lakes and ponds (with a water licenses) is part of the Meadow Valley plan. This storage will enhance the water resources and biodiversity of the Meadow Valley, whilst at the same time the secondary water system has been designed to extend rather than degrade natural wetland areas. The two main lakes (the Meadow Valley lakes) and storage system together with a pumping station and piping to each lot in phase one have been constructed under an approved water license.

image of meadow valley lakesWater is at a premium on the Gulf Islands and open freshwater all of any substantial area is very rare on the smaller Islands, the open water ecosystem provided by the lakes will greatly enhanced the biodiversity of the Valley. At the same time the water system has been designed to avoid the destruction of natural wetland areas. This image shows the southernmost Meadow Valley lake when first constructed (January 2001). The second lake stretches up the valley beyond.

Index of Common Facilities.

Fire and emergency provisions.

Fire suppression is of great importance on the dry Gulf Islands. Our fire and emergency provisions planning is more advanced than any current or past development on the Gulf Islands. Meadow Valley is the first development on Thetis Island to have its own fire suppression water supply. This supply, based around the secondary water system, is complete with standpipes strategically located on the access roads and service lane and a 200 gallon a minute pump system with 6000 gallon secondary storage system (for phase two other than the storage in the lakes) and 4 inch mainline piping.

Access roads and driveways have also been planned to address fire suppression and emergency access concerns This fire and emergency planning has been done in cooperation with the Thetis Island Volunteer Fire Department.

Index of Common Facilities.

Meadow area.

A large (approximately one acre) area near the meadow Valley lakes has been developed as an open meadow for recreation and amenity.

This will allow strata owners the use of a large grassland area without having to clear and maintain such an area themselves on their own lots, while at the same time improving the amenity and diversity of the lake area. Note that the impact of this area as a proportion of the total 206 acre development is far smaller than the impact of a normal lawn on a two acre lot. The image below shows part of the area where the meadow from which the meadow was improved.

photograph of area for meadow, .jpg.

Index of Common Facilities.

Waterfront area.

photograph showing a view of Cufra inlet from the common property.

The common property includes about 200 meters of waterfront on tidal Cufra Inlet, a fascinating and diverse ecosystem of great beauty and tranquility. Although tidal, Cufra Inlet, with its secluded tranquil beauty, provides a very good place for one wishing to explore the protected waters of the Southern Gulf Islands in a small boat or kayak; its shallower clear clean waters, certified clean for oyster and clam production, also provide warm swimming in the summer.

An existing meadow area shelving softly to the water provides access and space for a picnic or just to sit in the peace of nature. The image below shows part of this area.

Photograph of part of the meadow area neat to Cufra Inlet.

A planned small floating dock will provide for kayaks, small boats and for swimming in the (relatively!) warm waters.

Access to the waterfront area for phase one lots is provided by easement until phase two is complete and the common property of phase two is registered. The access lane to the waterfront area is complete.

Index of Common Facilities.

Natural beauty.

The majority of the common property has been left in its natural state without logging or disturbance. Several areas, totaling about 22 acres have been/will be covenanted against disturbance, ensuring their perpetual conservation. (See our "Conservation Cov." page.). The common property provides a very impressive amenity of greenspace and natural ecosystem. In some areas the common property also says as a privacy buffer between lots or between the development and external properties.

Index of Common Facilities.


The resources of the common property will be managed in common by the owners. This allows the owners to use the resources effectively on the basis of sound planning principles. For example; rather than owners always having to find firewood on their own property, part of the common property can be set aside to be managed for firewood by the Strata corporation, some areas of the common property may also be considered suitable for garden allotments if strata owners decided (as a group) to pursue this option.

Index of Common Facilities.

Park dedication.

As part of our plan a community trail park equivalent has been donated by us to the Thetis Island Residents and Ratepayers Association (TIRRA) for the use of community members, see our "community trail" page for details. This trail, about three meters wide and shown shaded in red on the plan, will link Kenwood Drive with a road allowance extension of Meadow Road.

This will benefit strata owners as well as the community, and provide quick walking access to the Thetis Island Community Center, the ferry dock, etc..

A small area (also shaded red on the plan) next to the Meadow Creek at the end of Cufra Inlet was also transferred to ensure its preservation. This area and the trail was not dedicated as Crown land, thus avoiding the potential problems with Crown Land. Both areas are covenanted against vehicular use and against removal or disturbance of vegetation beyond what is necessary for trail maintenance.

Index of Common Facilities.


The common property and facilities lend themselves to many recreational activities, whether it be walking, the bird watching, kayaking, swimming.

As the Gulf Islands area grows more densely populated this large area of green space will become increasingly valuable to Strata residents, and will ensure that the amenities of tranquility, space and nature that attracted them to Thetis Island will be preserved for them into the future.

See our "outdoor recreation" page for some ideas and links on recreation opportunities.

Index of Common Facilities.


By choosing to be part of the Meadow Valley development, you are part of preserving the large greenspace and natural ecosystem of the common property areas, part of a development that is planned with the environment---part of our "Greenquest".

Thumbnail of birds eye view drawing, as .jpg.
To see a drawing representing an artists impression of what a birds eye view of the project will look like when finished, showing an overview of impact, please follow this link which will open the drawing (large) in a new window for easy reference.
If you don't want to use a new window, follow this link.

Index of Common Facilities.


Since the common property is covenanted against further development, its value for taxation purposes is far lower than if you owned an extra 75 acres added to your individual Lot.

Index of Common Facilities.

What will be your responsibilities?

Being part of a Strata is somewhat like being part of any community, there are many benefits of the common property and shared facilities, and these must be maintained. This is accomplished by strata council, which you'll be part of. This council manages the common property and facilities, and undertakes improvements and manages bylaws.

In order to fund these activities it raises fees (Strata fees) from the owners in the strata. These fees may be just in cash or, by contract with the strata, in cash and its services in lieu (for example, labor). As the developer, TRAX initially sets the fees at an estimated figure, which the council (once formed) will review. Initial estimates of fees for Meadow Valley properties are $33.80 per month per lot. These fees may well reduce with time as the strata owners establish the true costs of maintenance, Trax is obliged to set them at a high level by statutory constraints.

The upkeep of Strata facilities is important not only for your use of them, but for the value and quality of your property. Bear in mind that in the case of a fee-simple lot many of the costs covered by the fee would still have to be paid, for example for maintaining your sewage disposal system or irrigation water supply.

Index of Common Facilities.


This description of facilities is only intended as a guide, and purchasers will be given a disclosure statement prior to purchase, which has a clear, legal, description of the common property, facilities, etc.

We will frequently update and enhance our website, so check back often. We are happy to respond promptly to any specific question, just e-mail us.


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Meadow Valley Properties, quality planned real estate by Trax Developments Ltd., Box 9-6, Thetis Island, B.C., V0R 2Y0, Canada.

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