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Detailed Maps and Images.

This page has maps and images andb better resolution versions of maps and satellite images that are displayed elsewhere on the site. This page will be changed and built upon on an ongoing basis, there will eventually be maps of the Thetis Island area and of Cascadia and their place in the world. We also plan to have one or more nautical charts of the Gulf of Georgia that you will be able to view using a vector viewer similar to the detail plans page plan viewer (this is delayed for copyright reasons).

So-check back regularly for new developments! You may have to force your browser to reload this page to refresh it if you see no changes over time.

For details on Thetis Island and the area, please see our "Thetis" page.

Meanwhile, here are the maps and satellite photos that we have so far. Also see our "links" page for links to maps and mapping resources. This page may take up to three minutes to load fully, so view the images that have loaded while the others download - any big blank spaces are waiting for images to load.


Thetis Island lies nestled amongst the idyllic Southern Gulf Islands in the Gulf of Georgia, British Columbia, Canada. The Gulf of Georgia, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound from space, with points of interest (including Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Victoria and Seattle) overlaid; false color Landsat composite.
satellite image showing location of Thetis in the Gulf of Georgia.

Index of Images.

Thetis Island.
Thetis with Meadow valley outline.

Index of Images.

Thetis Island, showing roads and points of interest.
thetis with roads etc.

Index of Images.

Thetis Island map, showing roads and points of interest. Outline based on sattelite image.
map of thetis with roads and features etc.

Index of Images.

Vancouver Island area orientation map, with key to show area of Thetis location map, above. Based on Pacific Northwest false color image, below.

Vancouver Island area map, washington state, bc, vancouver, .gif

Index of Images.

False color image of the Pacific Northwest, from Washington State University, see our "Links" page for a link to the source.

pacific northwest

Index of Images.

A map showing marine parks in the Southern Gulf Islands.

Image of B.C. marine park map for Southern Gulf Islands, as .gif.

Index of Images.

Vancouver Island biogeoclimatic subzones

Map showing the Vancouver Island biogeoclimatic subzones, adapted from the Province of British Columbia Vancouver Island Land Use Plan. See our "Links" page for a link to the plan.

bc ecosystem map

Index of Images.

A composite map of river processes in the Columbia river basin, Cascadia, modified from Washington State University.(this link should take you to their image gallery).

Image of cascadia river processes map, as .jpg.

Index of Images.

Map of the San Juan Islands, modified from the San Juan Islands Visitor Information Service, see the link on our "Links" page.

san juan islands map

Index of Images.

Map showing Washington State Ski areas

Index of Images.

Map of the Islands Trust area, modified from the Islands Trust site, see link on our "Links" page.

islands trust area map

Index of Images.

Overlapping land claims in BC, modified from the Aboriginal Mapping website, see link on our "Links" page.

land claims bc map

Index of Images.

We will always be developing this page, so please check back often, and if you want to suggest a resource for this page, just e-mail us.

If you are the originator of the base images used on this page and are not satisfied with the credit and links provided as acknowledgement please let us know.


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